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Why Make a Will?



Most people have thought about making a will at some point but put it off for any number of reasons saying ‘I have been meaning to do it for years’.


None of these reasons are more important than making sure your family and assets are taken care of.


If you own a property, have savings, pensions, life policies, or other assets your estate can be hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you don’t make a will the government will decide who will inherit your estate and it can take years to sort out. The rules of intestacy are rigid and don’t allow for common sense or what a person would have wanted. Everyone knows a story of how children or families didn’t inherit from loved ones because a will wasn’t made or it wasn’t kept up to date. Don’t let it happen to you or your family.


You pay thousands of pounds on luxuries such as holidays, cars, or clothes but for some reason don’t want to make a will that is going to protect hundreds of thousands of pounds of your hard earned assets and take care of your family.    

Everyone says the same thing after making a will; they are glad they finally did it and have peace of mind.

It really isn’t as daunting as you might think and with our competitive and affordable prices for a basic single will, basic mirrored wills, and trust wills it is affordable for most people.

  • Avoid family arguments and make sure your estate passes to whom you want.

  • Name guardians for young children – do you want social services deciding who would look after your children?

  • Protect your assets – if the surviving spouse remarries your children could lose their inheritance.

  • Protect your assets against third parties – a will trust can make sure your children receive an inheritance rather than it being lost.

  • Provide for children from previous relationships – if you remarry, your children could get nothing as your assets could pass to your new spouse and then follow their bloodline.

  • Don’t pay too much inheritance tax; will trusts and estate planning can help avoid paying unnecessary inheritance tax.

  • Avoid rigid intestate laws – don’t assume certain things will happen; if you are unmarried partners you do not inherit from each other.

If you still don’t think you should make a will don’t worry as the government has one for you!

Don’t put it off any longer! Make a will. Protect your family and assets.

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