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Funeral Plans



Most people think about making a Will at some point in their lives even if they don’t actually make one, but not many people think about planning their funeral. If you don’t make any contingency for your funeral your family or friends may have to pay and spend a lot of time organising funeral directors, crematoriums, coffins, a hearse, and lots of other details at an already distressing time. Would they know what music or flowers you would want? Your family or friends may have to pay all or part of the costs from their own money before your estate is released from probate. If you don’t have immediate family, who would make the arrangements, who would pay for the funeral, and who would know what you would want? 


By taking out a funeral plan you will know that your funeral is taken care of, the funeral director’s costs are paid for whenever you die, your personal wishes will be followed, and your family or friends won’t have to pay for and organise your funeral, giving you and your family or friends complete peace of mind.


The cost of a funeral is going up at about 10% per year which means that the cost will almost double in the next 10 years going from around £4,000 to around £8,000. If you put that amount in a savings account now to pay for your funeral, your savings would only rise to around £4,500. The cost of your funeral will rise to around £8,000, a shortfall of around £3,500 which your family or friends would have to pay.


With a funeral plan you pay at today’s price and the funeral director’s costs are guaranteed to be covered even if you die in 20 years time and the funeral costs in excess of £10,000.


You can choose your own flowers and music, or any other personal arrangements if you wish. All the details are completed and organised for your family or friends, they just have to speak to the local funeral directors.


You will always have a good choice of local, caring, professional funeral directors.


There are easy and affordable payment options; you can pay in full or by monthly instalments. There is a payment option to suit everyone’s budget.


You are guaranteed to be accepted with no medical.


Summary of benefits


  • Peace of mind - knowing that the arrangements are taken care of in advance

  • Save money - pay for your funeral at today’s price

  • Reassurance - that your family or friends won't have to pay for and organise your funeral

  • A guarantee - of no more to pay for your funeral director’s services

  • Satisfaction - that your personal wishes will be followed

  • A personal caring service - from a local independent funeral director

  • Guaranteed acceptance - with no health restrictions

  • Low monthly payments - if you choose to pay by instalments


Complete the contact form on the ‘contact us’ page or phone Martin Wood on 07809 686904 to book a free consultation in your home.

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